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How to disconnet and reconnect your internet connection in windows xp/vista/7 for beginners

Want to reconnect your internet connection ?  its posible using cmd know has  “rasdial”.  Now what is rasdial ? rasdial is simple command-line remote access (dial-up networking) dialer used to automate your connection proccess for Microsoft clients.
First open comand  prompt: start -> Run -> Type “cmd” without quotes and press enter.
To Disconnect your internet connection type
rasdial connectionname /DISCONNECT
Example: rasdial Broadbandconnection /DISCONNECT
Where connectionname is nothing but connection name. If the connection name contains spaces or special characters, enclose the connection name in quotation marks (“).
To connect Internet connection type
rasdial connectionname username password 
Example: rasdial connectionname mike 123456
Create a .bat file to automat the process, open notepad and type following cmd.
rasdial connectionname /DISCONNECT
rasdial connectionname username password

And save it in your desktop using .bat extention eg: reconnect.bat

Double click your .bat file, and your done…your internet connection will now reconnect

How to get free Graboid Premium Accounts?

Now you can get free graboid premium graboid account without spending a penny.

Yes, It’s true…….

A new service has been launched where you will be able to get premium accounts  for free.

Website: Graboid account

To get free accounts you just have to follow the 3 steps.

1. Register, which just takes about 10 Sec.
2. Then you should complete few free survey which will be converted into points, which is easy.
3. Once you have reached minimum points that is 50 points you can request for free Graboid accounts.

Note: For silver account, you need 50 points and 150 points for gold account.

This service truly is amazing & new.

Please do leave your feedback.

Watch live Internet TV channels online for free

For those who love watching Tv online, Would suggest TV-UL.COM website, TV-UL.COM is a service that lets you  to watch TV  without the need for any special hardware, software or subscription service. They offer this service completely free , They are the  free alternative to cable or satellite television that lets you watch tv channels and tv shows online using just your browser.

TV-UL.COM is a Good service with very beautiful design and with  nice user interface. TV-UL.COM also provides Online Radio where you can listen to radio online. You can watch prestigious TV channels like CNN, HBO , MTV, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, EuroSport, Real Madrid TV, ESPN and Radio stations: Radio stations Radio Ibiza, Gay FM, Voice of America, Beatles Radio, CNN Radio, 1LIVE.

How to get free domain at

Just visit

While choosing the package choose Baby package, Enter domain name at order Wizard, you can choose .com or .net or .org and click continue. Select billing cycle Monthly @ $9.95 and enter coupon code CACTUS by default there will SNOWMAN coupon code which is 20% discount. Click calculate tool, your total due will be $0.00 * + you will get 1 month free hosting Enjoy !!


free 4$ amazon gift-card

I’m not even sure what the offer is or why they are offering this, but here you go.

Click the link below, you’ll be brought to some amazon video on demand video, just scroll below it.…de=AVODGIFT#gc

It will show you your current balance. Enter in this code.


and you’ve added $4 to your gift card balance.

I believe it’s only good towards digital purchases though. mp3’s, kindle, videos on demand etc.

GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Here are some of the working GoDaddy coupon codes I found in the internet.

Expiring codes:
gdr1229ab – SAVE 25% on any order $60 or more.
gdr1164 – SAVE 25% on any order $75 or more.
gdr1163 – SAVE 30% on any available .COM, .NET or .BIZ
gdr1113r – SAVE 30% on any available .COM, .NET or .BIZ
gdr1124ah – SAVE 10% Off any order $40 or more.
EMFB1 – 10% off any order
EMFB2 – $7.49 .com domains
EMFB3 – $5 off $30
EMFB4 – 20% off a year or more of hosting
EMFB5 – 15% off $75 or more
EMFB6 – $10 off $40 or more
EMFB7 – $7.49 net/biz/org

Non expiring codes:

emma7 = 10% off any order

emma8 = 20% off $50+ or £35+

emma9 = $7.49 .coms

emma25 = 25% off any order >100USD

mtech8 = 10% off any order

mtech9 = 20% off $50+ or £35+

mtech10 = $7.49 .coms

mtech25 = 25% off any order > 100USD

goaz006c – $6.99 new .com domain

DOWNFORCE – save 15% on any order

OYH7 – $2.50 off / $7.49 any .COM (also good for renewals)

BTPS101 – 20% any order of $50 or more

BTPS111 – 10% off anything

BTPS255 – 25% off $100 or more

OYH20H – 20% off hosting

OYH5 – 10% off whatever

OYH6 – $5 off a $30 purchase

chill5 – 10% off

chill6 – $5 off $30

chill7 – $7.49 .coms

hash5 – 10% off

hash6 – $5 off $30

hash7 – $7.49 .com registration

gdd1101c – 10% off any order of $40 or more

cjcPRIVATE – free domain whois protection on .com domain

MTECH8 or EMMA7 for 10% off your order

MTECH9 or EMMA8 for 20% off $50 or more

MTECH10 or EMMA9 for 30% off .com domains (and it works on renewals)

USEFUL TIP: If you plan to purchase 2 SSL Certificates, what you do is to select only 1 during your order. When you checkout, they’ll offer you a second SSL Certificate for 1/2 the price.