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Is graboid legal ?

In this 21 century where companies suing each other, Digital companies suing digital pirates, Hackers hacking computers and spreading malware around. People are worried whether what they are downloading is legal or does it contains malware which might harm their computer. As we know Graboid video allows us to download movies legally. Ah, wait… Did I just say legally? Yea, I did.

So is Graboid legal?
Before I answer this question, let me explain how Graboid gets its data. Well, it uses Usenet Service named Giganews. Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system. This is legal. The Graboid has subscribed for reseller plan. Hence they are able to provide movie legally for small a amount of fee.

When Graboid was asked about the legality. They responded saying: “Graboid service does not violate any laws in any country. The people posting these files are doing it to promote the work of artists they admire. We cannot speak on their behalf on legal issues.” This to me sounds like they know they are in a gray area. They are not technically doing anything illegal.

As I was reading Graboid blog, I saw some responses given by the gravid to the questions raised in the comments on the blog post.

“The License Agreement point about using your bandwidth to deliver services to other users is an artifact of using legal language from other services as a starting point for our own. We should have caught this before now, and we appreciate having it pointed out. That clause will be modified immediately. There is no element of Graboid usage that allows or encourages you to share video with others.

Graboid Video (the company) is completely legal in Canada. If we were located in the US, we would be completely legal as well, although we might have to slightly modify some of our operating principles to comply with elements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that don’t apply in Canada. We didn’t move to Canada so we could start this service. We actually like it here. Universal health care, no guns, and it’s easy to get a job driving a snowplow!

Users of Graboid Video are not breaking any laws that we know of, and we know of a lot. Sharing copyrighted material, without permission, is illegal. We have not been able to find case law or media reports of anyone, anywhere in the world, ever being charged with illegally VIEWING copyrighted material. All such reports involve sharing, not viewing. We have made this point before in this blog, asking anyone who knows of such a case to let us know. We haven’t received any responses.

We won’t be turning over names to the RIAA. Particularly because they’re the music industry guys, not the movie industry guys. As for the MPAA or anyone else, if we’re served with a court order to release the names of our users, we will comply. However, we do not keep records of what individual users are doing with our service, just the amount of bandwidth used.
Nothing we do, nothing we say in this blog, and nothing your own lawyer tells you, can prevent you from being sued or charged with a crime. That’s just the way the legal system works. If you think that OUR comments on YOUR legal situation somehow protect you, they don’t. We have paid for great legal advice from multiple legal firms, and even they say that their advice is simply advice and they’re not responsible if we get sued. The same applies to us – we’re just telling you what we think, because you asked. We’re not your lawyer or your mother. Make your own decision.”

Is Graboid safe?
Well, you tell me. I have been using graboid for 5 years. I dint find any malware or virus. It Just installs VLC and graboid software. Is graboid safe? It’s up to you now to decide.
Let us know, what you think about Graboid video Software in the comments section.

Graboid review: Things you need to know

graboid review

It’s been a long time I posted about Graboid review. Graboid video is a desktop application, which runs on windows as well as Mac. This particular piece of application acts like dedicated browser to download videos. Graboid now allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, though it affects your download speed. They have collections of more than 500,000 High-quality videos. You can download your movies or episodes in no time.

Best part of the Graboid video software is its download speed. I have managed to download a movie within 1 hour at 250/Kbps. You can either steam video or download. For Streaming, you need a minimum of 1 Mbps speed. For streaming full DVDs, you need a minimum 4Mbps.

About the security concern, Graboid is virus-free; it contains no spyware or adware. Well, I have been using Graboid since 2009, I dint find any virus. How Graboid works is, it fetches the content from Giganews, which is a world’s leading Usenet provider. Graboid has purchased a reseller account from Giganews. This comes with unlimited bandwidth. Graboid provides free 2 GB trial account which lets you to download movies of 2Gb in size, later on you can upgrade to Unlimited which is 19.99$ /month. Years back they had a cheaper plan like silver and gold. Remember, don’t forget to cancel your service if you’re unsatisfied with the service or else you will be charged subsequent month.

If you encounter any issues while using the application or if you have questions regarding you can contact customer support. They are available 7 days a week. Number is 1-877-460-0722 or you can mail them at support[@]

We cannot request for videos in Graboid. It only provides content which is available at Giganews. You might think why pay 19.99$, why can’t we use torrent? The problem is when you download the content from torrent the production companies can find out who is downloading their copyright content. So when you use Graboid application you are safe. If you still prefer torrent, you can use VPN connection and be safe.

If you unsatisfied with their service you can cancel your service by logging into your account. Go to account tab in the Graboid application and under payment history click cancel. This will then prompt confirm popup.

They only accept American Express, Discover and MasterCard. Unfortunately, they no longer accept PayPal as a payment method.

Please let us know what you think about Graboid service in the comment section.

How to get free Graboid Premium Accounts?

Now you can get free graboid premium graboid account without spending a penny.

Yes, It’s true…….

A new service has been launched where you will be able to get premium accounts  for free.

Website: Graboid account

To get free accounts you just have to follow the 3 steps.

1. Register, which just takes about 10 Sec.
2. Then you should complete few free survey which will be converted into points, which is easy.
3. Once you have reached minimum points that is 50 points you can request for free Graboid accounts.

Note: For silver account, you need 50 points and 150 points for gold account.

This service truly is amazing & new.

Please do leave your feedback.

How to search for Correct Drivers for Unknown Devices

Most of the computer hardware’s comes along with their respective device drivers in a disc.If your driver CD gets lost or corrupted,then you can always download the necessary drivers from the manufacturer’s website or restore the drivers from the backup if you have created earlier.But if you do not have a backup and is unsure about the manufacture of the device or your device model,then you will not be able to search the device driver online and windows will be showing errors like “Unkown device Found” or “Device not identified” in your system tray.Here is an excellent trick to find out the correct drivers for the unknown devices in your device manager.

How to Download Drivers for Unknown Devices

1) Find the Vendor and Device ID of the unknown device.To do this,

Open Device Manager

  • (In windows XP :Start>Control panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager)
  • (In Windows Vista:Start>Control Panel>Device Manager)

In Device manager,take the properties of unknown device
In Properties, click on Details tab and select Device Instance Id from the drop box.
You will see a code like this
Here 14F1 is the Vendor ID
and 2C06 is the Device ID
2)After obtaining both device and vendor ID,go to

and search with your vendor ID or device ID to find the driver of the unknown device.
After finding your device model and manufacturer,you can either go to the manufactures website and download the necessary drivers or you can get them from these websites.

Review on Advanced Registry Optimizer

Like many other Registry Optimizer software’s promises to clean your registry or makes your pc run  faster, Advanced Registry Optimizer is one among them. Advanced Registry Optimizer scanning process takes at  least 2 to 3 minutes, depends on computer system. Navigating of this software is pretty easy. This software has scheduler and scanning, backup tools, optimization tools and list to prevent certain registry entries from accidentally being altered.

What is the complaints of Advanced Registry Optimizer?

1. Registry Cleaner does not speed up your computer – It just restores the original speed and maintains its’ efficiency through removing unwanted registry entries and keep your PC running smooth.
2. Registry Cleaner does not repair your corrupted Windows – It just backup your healthy registry before it breaks, and helps you restore it if your windows corrupted in the future.
3. You don’t need a registry cleaner – True, unless you are like me, a heavy computer gamer and enthusiast, who like to play different games and test different software, frequent install and uninstall programs that would heavily polluted the windows registry database!

What is the benefits of Advanced Registry Optimizer?

1. Advanced Registry Optimizer detects the most ActiveX errors, it has a higher chance to repair your corrupted registry. However, I don’t really recommend you “repair” your registry, backup your data and perform a reinstall of the Operating system is a better choice.

2. Advanced Registry Optimizer can defragment  your fragmented registry. However, I don’t seem to feel the difference.

Graboid for mac

Good news for Mac user new Mac Alpha has been released !!

Graboid for Mac is an Alpha release that is still in development. It will allow  users to get the Graboid experience on a Mac for the first time outside of Parallels or another virtual machine. It is meant to give our users a look into the new features that Graboid will have to offer, but development and testing has not yet been completed.

As an additional warning, Graboid will not be able to refund bandwidth that may be lost as a result of an error when downloading or streaming. Although these features are stable enough for a test release, Graboid have noticed some issues that may cause videos to freeze when streaming over a slower internet connection.

Download Installer:

Quick Graboid hack methods

Here are few Graboid accounts hack which i came across.

Hack Method 1:

1. Create a new windows user account.

2. Download Graboid

3. Install Graboid

4. You will now be able to create a new free Graboid account.

5. You cant create new accounts on ip addresses youve created an account on before. Change your Ip address

Hack method 2 :

1. Download

2. Run the crack and re-enable the account.

3. Download
Find replace nss3.dll and  with downloaded nss3.dll file

4. thz it.. now run Graboid software  and create new account.

Hack method 3 :

Visit Free account website to create free Graboid account , this only works if ur ip is dynamic.

If you have any hack methods please do share .. :)

How to setup vga dual monitor for windows 7

Connect your second monitor. You may have to restart your computer so that it detects the new monitor.

After you connect your second monitor, you have to adjust your display settings.

  1. In the New Display Detected dialog box, click the Display Settings link, to adjust your display settings.If you don’t see this dialog box, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. Click Appearance and Personalization, and then, under Personalization, click Adjust screen resolution.
  2. In the Display Settings dialog box, click the monitor icon labeled 2, and then select the Extend the desktop onto this monitor check box.

3. If necessary, drag the monitor icons so that they are arranged in the same way as the monitors on your desk. Click the Identify Monitors button to verify which monitor is 1 and which monitor is 2.

4. Click Apply. Windows will activate your new monitor

5. Click OK.