59 thoughts on “How to create free graboid account

  1. Ace

    Hey, you’re a dream mate. please make an account for me. I have been waiting to make a new account all year but could’nt.

  2. John

    can you make me an account use Jaybird2k9 as the user id and send me a password that I can change myself thank you very much

  3. qjohn

    hi! can you make me an account.. i have already use the maximum of 4 accounts in my ip address.. and i don’t know any more methods to have an account or download continously on graboid.. and do you have more proven and tested ideas to download in graboid?.. thank you for your help.

  4. qjohn

    hi.. can you make me an account?… i have already consume the maximum of 4 accounts on my ip address and i dont have know any more methods how to download in graboid…

  5. qjohn

    I think my ip is dynamic because I created 4 accounts in graboid. just like the instructions in this post, I just follow it then that’s it., but now I consumed already the maximum accounts in graboid, so i dont have anymore ideas to do., I hope you can help me… thank you so much…

  6. leoraj D'souza Post author

    if ur ip is dynamic then u can create many accounts, U can create 4 accounts/ip . just disconnect and reconnect ur modem to get new ip address.

  7. qjohn

    Hi. leoraj D’souza, i have receive an email in graboid, it is a free trial account. that is what you have created for me?, oh… thank you very much for you help and it works, really amazing!… but I will be shy to you, if i will always asked you to create an account for me… I hope you can teach me some ideas, so I will not disturb you… thank you again!, you’re so nice…

  8. qjohn

    I think my ip address is not changing, because after I created the 4 accounts in my ip., then the other day I try again to create an account, it doesn’t work anymore, it’s like a permanent ip address… but i’m not sure, maybe i will try it later… thanks…

  9. Patti

    Please create a new graboid acct. for me. I tried all the tricks for a second account and each time graboid say “we see you already had an acct” Thank you so much

  10. qjohn

    hi!,leoraj D’souza, i’m here again, can you make me an account again?, i download a lot here in graboid because their download is fast unlike other free but slow and the captcha thing..ahah..
    you know even me i’m being crazy in finding ways to download in rapidshare, hotfile and others by bypassing the captcha, premium link generator and so many but when you use premium link generator with tha huge file size when you extract it, it is corrupted, so still crazy to find ways…

    thank you.

  11. jessica yates

    why won’t it work? I keep sending you my e mail and i won’t work for me…please help me…

  12. qjohn

    hi! leoraj D’souza, i’m fine..studying.. :)

    I’ m so sorry for always asking you to make me an account for graboid because I am always downloading there..thank you, thank you so much..

  13. tuan

    yall dumb dont give hime ur email he’ll know ur password and use up all ur mb to wacth movies

  14. Max

    Umm this USE to work for me, i had a way around it to get unlimited accounts but i dont know what hapen and now every time i try i get this stupid message…

    It appears that you’ve already created an account with us. Graboid only allows one user per account. Please contact support@graboid.com if you have any further concerns, including the e-mail that you tried to register with.

    Any idea how to bypass this?

  15. May

    I did the serveys and put in the emails for an accout, but I never got an account, and its been over 24 hrs. whats wrong!?

  16. May

    Nothing’s working for me – the website you posted doesn’t work. Help please?

  17. sue

    is this thing still working?
    if it does please make me an account beacuse i’m having trouble making one :(
    thank you

  18. chisha sikazwe

    i love this site because i wanna download cool movies and series lol…..


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