How to disconnet and reconnect your internet connection in windows xp/vista/7 for beginners

Want to reconnect your internet connection ?  its posible using cmd know has  “rasdial”.  Now what is rasdial ? rasdial is simple command-line remote access (dial-up networking) dialer used to automate your connection proccess for Microsoft clients.
First open comand  prompt: start -> Run -> Type “cmd” without quotes and press enter.
To Disconnect your internet connection type
rasdial connectionname /DISCONNECT
Example: rasdial Broadbandconnection /DISCONNECT
Where connectionname is nothing but connection name. If the connection name contains spaces or special characters, enclose the connection name in quotation marks (“).
To connect Internet connection type
rasdial connectionname username password 
Example: rasdial connectionname mike 123456
Create a .bat file to automat the process, open notepad and type following cmd.
rasdial connectionname /DISCONNECT
rasdial connectionname username password

And save it in your desktop using .bat extention eg: reconnect.bat

Double click your .bat file, and your done…your internet connection will now reconnect

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