How to get free domain at

Just visit

While choosing the package choose Baby package, Enter domain name at order Wizard, you can choose .com or .net or .org and click continue. Select billing cycle Monthly @ $9.95 and enter coupon code CACTUS by default there will SNOWMAN coupon code which is 20% discount. Click calculate tool, your total due will be $0.00 * + you will get 1 month free hosting Enjoy !!


2 thoughts on “How to get free domain at

  1. David

    I figured this out about a year ago, the coupon code was orginally “websitemag” then “garfield”, now “cactus”.

    Kelvin : Originally it would not renew, you’d cancel it and get a free domain name out of the ordeal.

    Lately, HostGator realized they’ve been played badly. So, they got a new billing way where you cannot get anything for free…. it always will be $0.01, and the domain names will be added onto the initial fee. No coupon codes will give you anything for free anymore.


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