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Is graboid legal ?

In this 21 century where companies suing each other, Digital companies suing digital pirates, Hackers hacking computers and spreading malware around. People are worried whether what they are downloading is legal or does it contains malware which might harm their computer. As we know Graboid video allows us to download movies legally. Ah, wait… Did I just say legally? Yea, I did.

So is Graboid legal?
Before I answer this question, let me explain how Graboid gets its data. Well, it uses Usenet Service named Giganews. Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system. This is legal. The Graboid has subscribed for reseller plan. Hence they are able to provide movie legally for small a amount of fee.

When Graboid was asked about the legality. They responded saying: “Graboid service does not violate any laws in any country. The people posting these files are doing it to promote the work of artists they admire. We cannot speak on their behalf on legal issues.” This to me sounds like they know they are in a gray area. They are not technically doing anything illegal.

As I was reading Graboid blog, I saw some responses given by the gravid to the questions raised in the comments on the blog post.

“The License Agreement point about using your bandwidth to deliver services to other users is an artifact of using legal language from other services as a starting point for our own. We should have caught this before now, and we appreciate having it pointed out. That clause will be modified immediately. There is no element of Graboid usage that allows or encourages you to share video with others.

Graboid Video (the company) is completely legal in Canada. If we were located in the US, we would be completely legal as well, although we might have to slightly modify some of our operating principles to comply with elements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that don’t apply in Canada. We didn’t move to Canada so we could start this service. We actually like it here. Universal health care, no guns, and it’s easy to get a job driving a snowplow!

Users of Graboid Video are not breaking any laws that we know of, and we know of a lot. Sharing copyrighted material, without permission, is illegal. We have not been able to find case law or media reports of anyone, anywhere in the world, ever being charged with illegally VIEWING copyrighted material. All such reports involve sharing, not viewing. We have made this point before in this blog, asking anyone who knows of such a case to let us know. We haven’t received any responses.

We won’t be turning over names to the RIAA. Particularly because they’re the music industry guys, not the movie industry guys. As for the MPAA or anyone else, if we’re served with a court order to release the names of our users, we will comply. However, we do not keep records of what individual users are doing with our service, just the amount of bandwidth used.
Nothing we do, nothing we say in this blog, and nothing your own lawyer tells you, can prevent you from being sued or charged with a crime. That’s just the way the legal system works. If you think that OUR comments on YOUR legal situation somehow protect you, they don’t. We have paid for great legal advice from multiple legal firms, and even they say that their advice is simply advice and they’re not responsible if we get sued. The same applies to us – we’re just telling you what we think, because you asked. We’re not your lawyer or your mother. Make your own decision.”

Is Graboid safe?
Well, you tell me. I have been using graboid for 5 years. I dint find any malware or virus. It Just installs VLC and graboid software. Is graboid safe? It’s up to you now to decide.
Let us know, what you think about Graboid video Software in the comments section.