What is Amazon Prime Download Limit?

Downloading videos to devices of our choice and watching it when we like is a luxury we are lucky to have in this era and time.

Amazon Prime is a popular video streaming platform. In this article, we will look at what is Amazon Prime download limit, based on the kind of subscription plan you have.

In addition to having its library of movies and TV shows, additional channels such as Showtime, HBO are made available to its users. Members can subscribe to these channels from within Amazon Prime itself. With this feature, users can now create a single watchlist for all their content within Amazon Prime and don’t have to worry about subscribing to multiple channels separately.

What is Amazon Prime Download Limit? 1

When it comes to streaming and downloading videos there is a set of rules that Amazon Prime has put in place. These rules vary based on whether you have purchased/rented the video or whether you are viewing it through a monthly/yearly subscription plan.

You can download/stream a video in any of the below listed ways:

  • Purchase a video.
  • Rent a video.
  • Access video via Prime Video through a paid subscription or a promotional trial.

Based on which of the above ways you have choose to stream/download your video the rules respectively change. Let’s take a look at the download limits for each of these.

Amazon Prime Download Limit on Paid Subscription Account

A vast library of videos is made available for you under the Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership or the promotional trial. You pay either a monthly fee or a yearly fee and you can access any of these videos from the comfort of your home.

Not all the available video titles can be download. The detail page for each Prime video indicates if the video is available for download. Those available for download will have a download icon next to the video title, as shown in the image below.

What is Amazon Prime Download Limit Mobile

The video title can be download for offline viewing on devices such as the Fire Tablet, or the Prime Video app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Depending on your location, you can download a maximum of 15-25 video titles across all devices associated with one Amazon account. People often get confused, thinking its 15-25 videos per device, but it is 15-25 across all devices. If you have ten videos downloaded on one phone(device), then you can download only five more videos on the other phone(device).

You can download the available video titles only to two devices at one time. For example, say you have downloaded a movie on your phone and the same movie on your laptop, you can no longer download the movie on your friend’s phone or your Tablet as the number of devices crosses two. To be able to download on the third device, you need to delete all the downloads from one of the other two devices.

Once downloaded, you have 30 days to begin watching the video. After you start watching, you have 48 hours to finish watching it.

Remember, once your subscription expires or you cancel the subscription, you can no longer watch the downloaded videos even if those are within the 30 days. Also, if your third-party subscription expires or is canceled, you cannot view the downloaded video unless you purchase that video title or renew your subscription.

Tip: once you subscribe to Amazon Prime, if a particular video is not available for download you can purchase/rent the video and then download it to your device.

Amazon Prime Download Limit on Purchases

When you don’t want to subscribe to the entire library of videos, you can choose to purchase/rent the video of your choice from Prime Video store and pay just for that.

What is Amazon Prime Download Limit? 2

The purchased/rented video will be available for offline viewing on devices such as Fire Tablet or the Prime Video app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It can be downloaded to no more than four devices at one time.

Amazon Prime download limit on purchases doesn’t come into the picture here as you can download only one video which you had purchased/rented.

The purchased video will be available for viewing for an indefinite period of time.

In the case of a rented video, once you download the video, you must finish watching it before 30 days from when you made the payment. You have no more than 48 hours to finish watching once you have commenced watching that video. If you do not watch the video at all, it will expire in a period of 30 days.

Amazon Prime Music Download Limit

You can access Prime music from the Amazon Prime music app.
Prime Music will only be available within the Prime Music App after download. You cannot export the songs to your device or copy it to a CD or other external storage devices.

The Amazon Prime Music Download Limit for Prime music is unlimited. You can download as many songs as you like on your device for offline playback.

Music can be downloaded for office playback only on four authorized and compatible devices per amazon account. To download on a fifth device, you will have to delete all downloads from any of the four devices.

Its an easy three step process to download prime music.

  • Log in to the Prime music app.
  • Select the music (song, album, playlist, etc.) you want to download.
  • Tap the More Options menu, and tap Download.


How many Amazon Prime videos can I download?

You can download 15-25 video titles on Amazon Prime, depending on your location. There are limits to how many devices you can download on as well as for the expiry of the video. Refer to the above article for more details on this.

Amazon prime download limit exceeded

If you get a warning that the download limit has exceeded, it means that you have crossed the 15-25 video download threshold. To be able to download more videos, you will have to delete any of the already downloaded videos on one of the devices.

Amazon Prime video download time limit?

If you have a paid monthly/yearly subscription and you download a video, then the Amazon Prime video download time limit for it is 30 days to begin watching the video and no more than 48 hours once you have started watching the video.
On the other hand, if you have purchased a video from Prime Store, then the time limit is indefinite.


  1. If I pay for prime video for the year or annually, will I be able to get unlimited TV downloads?

    • You do get unlimited downloads. The catch here is you can have 15 downloaded videos across all devices associated with one prime video account. To download more videos you will have to delete the existing downloaded videos.

  2. How will I get unlimited prime video downloads?

  3. My husband has several seasons of a PURCHASED TV show through Amazon Prime. It is downloaded on his device but not on mine. He had no free shows downloaded. On my device I had 0 downloads of any kind. Today I tried to download a TV show. After 1 episode it told me my download limit had been reached. My husband then deleted his PURCHASED videos and I was able to download 2 more episodes. Does the amount of purchased content limit the number of unpurchased content available for download?

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