How to Delete Hotstar Account

We are living in the Golden era of Television. Your favorite movies and shows are just a button click away.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a movie to premiere on television. You couldn’t even pause it to go for a bathroom break!. Thankfully our lives are much more comfortable now with media service providers like Hotstar, Netflix, which contain a wide variety of content.

Although these services come with a bouquet of benefits, there are many downfalls to it as well. There is also a question going around “How to Delete Hotstar Account?”.

Deleting an account is not that easy of a process. I have the perfect guide for you, which will help you delete your account smoothly in a matter of five minutes.

Before we get into the “How to delete Hotstar account”. If your reasons for deleting the account are similar to the ones that I have mentioned below, you may have other options rather than deleting your account.

  • You are getting a lot of spam mails from Hotstar, these mails are bothering you, and you are missing out on relevant emails due to this. To avoid this you can unsubscribe from emails or can move all Hotstar emails to the spam folder.
  • You want to cancel your subscription as you don’t want to pay any more, but you don’t exactly know how to do that. There is a way to cancel the Hotstar subscription without deleting your account.

If your reason is something other than the above two, maybe you feel that the content Hotstar provides is not suitable for you or your family, or you have kids at home who don’t do their homework and keep streaming day in and out. Whatever your reason may be, below is a guide to help you delete your Hotstar account.

How to Delete Hotstar Account?

First, before deleting your account, you need to make sure that you are not a premium member of the Hotstar Application.

In case you are a premium member, then you will first have to unsubscribe from Hotstar Premium, after which you can delete the account. Follow the guide on How to cancel Hotstar Subscription.

Deleting your account is not a straightforward process; there is no direct way provided by Hotstar on their website or App for account deletion. Your only option here is to drop an e-mail to the Hotstar support team.

How to delete Hotstar account via Email

  1. Log in to the email account that you have registered with Hotstar. You don’t need to send the email with the registered account. You can send it from any email account that you own, but you must be extra careful to mention details of the Hotstar registered account (could be an email or a mobile number) in the email that you send. On the contrary, if you decide to send the email with the registered account rather than a random email id, then the entire process will go on smoothly.
  2. You will need to compose an email and make it out to [email protected].
  4. In the body section of the email, write about why you want to delete your account and request for deletion. I have given a sample template below.

Sample email Template

Hi Hotstar Team,

I am a registered user of Hotstar with the name John C and the email id linked with this account is [email protected]. I no longer need this account at the moment due to personal reasons, I request you to delete my account from your database and also would like to stop receiving communication/advertisement mails.

I hope you understand my concern and will do the needful as soon as possible. To ask any further information regarding my query, you can contact me on my email id or phone number (mention your phone number and email-id here).


(Your name)

How to Delete Hotstar Account 1

Note: This process might take a bit of time as the Hotstar team will have to verify your details. If your concern is valid and your account is genuine, then your account will be deleted by them, and you will simultaneously receive communication regarding the same from the backend team.


How to delete Hotstar account permanently

Once you have send out an email to the support team requesting account deletion, the deletion will be permanent. You will no longer be able to access the account with your old credentials, as it will be deleted permanently. To be able to use Hotstar again, you will have to create a new account.

How to delete Hotstar account with phone number

If you have created an account in Hotstar using your phone number and have not registered any email id, what you can do is send out an email to the Hotstar support team ([email protected]), requesting for account deletion. You can send out this email from any email account that you own, but make sure to mention your phone number within the email content.


If you have any other question related around Hotstar account or your subscription you can refer to their Official Website, they have tried to answer most of the commonly asked questions by their customers. I hope your query is in here too!

In case you have not found an answer to your query or are stuck anywhere in the process, please do leave a comment below, and I will help you out.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Delete my account and registration permanently

    • Please follow the steps mentioned in the article to help delete your account. In case you were not able to delete after following the above steps, contact Hotstar customer support, they will surely help you out.

  2. I cant use my Jio plan
    Hence I have emailed to them to delete will I be able to login with same phone number again

    • If you have raised an email for account deletion, you will not be able to use the account again.

      • I mail Hotstar with a account delete request.I got confirmation mail from them.Then i created a new Hotstar account. i recharged airtel it’s give a free Hotstar subscription.But The subscription is added to my previous Hotstar account.what can i do??

  3. I want to delete only the linked number of my account. So, how to do that? Please help!! As I have linked the wrong number.

    • You can send a mail to hotstar team requesting a change in your linked number. There is no other way to delete your mobile number once you have linked it to your Hotstar account.

  4. I mail Hotstar with a account delete request.I got confirmation mail from them.Then i created a new Hotstar account. i recharged airtel it’s give a free Hotstar subscription.But The subscription is added to my previous Hotstar account.what can i do??

    • Raise a query to customer care requesting to move your subscription to new account.

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