What does Fruit mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a hit among the millennials. We can’t deny that Snapchat offers us some pretty amazing features like the customizable short-lived snaps. There are many hidden codes of Snapchat that users are still trying to understand, one of them being the use of fruit emojis.

Let’s look at What does Fruit mean on Snapchat and why are people using it?

Are you wondering why people are posting fruit names on Snapchat? Well, Fruit emojis are used by people as a way to convey their relationship status.

Different fruits are associated with different relationship statuses. The fruit emojis can be seen next to the Profile name of the user if he/she has decided to go public with their relationship status.

Updating relationship status on Snapchat is a bit confusing when compared to Facebook or other social media apps.

On Facebook, it is pretty much straightforward where you update the status as either married, single, complicated, or leave it blank. On the contrary, Snapchat is all about coded meanings, and there is no right place to update the relationship status. I find these encoded ways of sharing relationship statuses pretty cool.

What does Fruit mean on Snapchat profile
Let look into what does Fruit mean on Snapchat ?

A detailed explanation of what does Fruit mean on Snapchat?

The usage of fruit emojis is just an informal way of people trying to display their relationship status. The meaning of these emojis is self-understood; there is no precise meaning to any of them.

Fruit meanings on Snapchat:

🍌 Banana Married

πŸ₯‘ AvocadoI’m the better half.

 πŸ Apple – Engaged to someone.

 πŸ’ Cherries In a Happy Relationship.

 πŸŒ° Chestnut ( Raisin ) – Wants to marry their partner.

 πŸ Pineapple – In a complicated relationship.

  πŸ”΅ Blue Circle ( Blueberry ) – Single.

 πŸ”΄ Red Circle ( Raspberry ) Do not want to get committed.

 πŸ‹ LemonWants to remain single.

  πŸ“ Strawberry – Unable to find the right partner.

So now you know what’s with the fruits on Snapchat. You can openly say that that you are fluent in fruit.

Posting fruit on Snapchat need not always mean that a person is trying to convey their relationship status. He/ she genuinely wouldn’t know what does fruit mean on Snapchat and the encoded language behind the use of these emojis and has randomly added a fruit emoji cuz maybe “Why not?”

If you see your partner posting a blue circle don’t get freaked out, they probably just don’t know what it means since it’s not an official thing.

The next time you see someone randomly posting a fruit emoji on Snapchat and they have no idea what that means, you can educate them because after reading this article you would be fluent in fruit.

So, you might ask “Where can I see the Snapchat fruit symbol?”. Well, some make it obvious and post it directly right next to their Snapchat username, something like shown in the image above.

What does Strawberry mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the strawberry fruit emoji is a sign that the person has not yet found the right partner and is looking for a date.

However, no hard and fast rule using a strawberry means that the person is looking for a date. If the strawberry is used with other emojis like flowers or candles, it could also symbolise a perfect date or romance.

Sometimes it also symoolizes summer or vacations.

What does Avocado mean on Snapchat?

 The Avocado emoji on Snapchat means that the person thinks they are the better half in the relationship.

Avocado may not necessarily be linked to relationship status. In today’s time healthy lifestyle, healthy living is what we see most of the time on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. Many times people put up pictures or emojis of certain healthy fruits and vegetables to depict a lifestyle or a diet that they are following as well.

Β Therefore, we can say that an Avocado could also relate to healthy eating or a healthy lifestyle and, even in general, to describe food.

The next time you see an Avocado, you know what Avocado mean on Snapchat!

What does raisin mean on Snapchat?

The Chestnut emoji that is often mistaken for a raisin means that the person wants to get married. This emoji could also be used for food-related stories or posts.

What does lemon mean on Snapchat?

The lemon emoji on snapchat mens that the user wants to continue to stay single.

It could also be used in food-related context to describe a taste, could also be used to express a mood like experiencing troubles and problems in life. It could also be used for people who don’t treat people the way they deserve to be treated.

Why are girls posting fruit on snapchat?

Well, girls are probably posting fruit emojis to make their relationship status public, maybe giving out a sign that they are single or committed for others to understand.

You would not always find a fruit emoji on a girl’s Snapchat profile, but if you ever do, it could mean many things apart from their relationship status.

However, let’s not jump to conclusions on this topic. What people put up on their social media profile is purely a personal choice. Some of them may not even be aware that posting a fruit meant that they were making their relationship status public.

We know what does fruit mean on Snapchat, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, they may not be aware at all. Sometimes, they might be just expressing a mood that they are in or trying to describe a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.

In Conclusion

Now you can participate in the Snapchat fruit game. It is a confusing game to play, though.

It’s a very light-hearted and harmless way of communicating or putting forward your feeling to others.

I hope you got your answers to What does Fruit mean on Snapchat! If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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