How to Delete Letgo Account – Full Guide

Just like Wallapop and Craigslist, Letgo is an application that helps its users to buy from or sell to others. As the name suggests, the application makes it easier for you to “Letgo” of the things you no longer require.

Once done using the App, people often want to delete the Letgo account. In this article, find the full guide on how to delete Letgo Account to help you through the deletion process.

Letgo is used either from a Mobile device or through a web browser. It helps users to buy or sell their pre-owned items quickly with just a few clicks. Once you create an Account with Letgo, you can upload images and descriptions of the things you want to sell or browse through the items that have been uploaded by other users.

There are many reasons why someone would want to delete Letgo Account, some of them could be:

  • They were getting too many promotional or advertisement related communications from the Letgo application. These kinds of promotional mails can crowd up the inbox, and you could miss out on important mails.
  • They wanted to use the app probably to buy/sell one item, which has been done.
  • They got spammed on the Letgo application but some unknown seller.

Note that there are various ways to stop getting promotional mails from Letgo. To avoid promotional communications, you do not have to delete the Letgo account. To delete your Letgo account for any other reason apart from this, keep reading the below guide on How to delete Letgo Account!

How to Delete Letgo Account

As mentioned above, Letgo can be opened as an application on your mobile or used via a web browser. Letgo app is available both on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. You could delete your account from the Letgo website or send an email to the Letgo support team.

How to delete Letgo Account on PC?

Letgo can be used from any web browser by navigating to their official site. Follow the below steps to delete the Letgo account from your PC.

  1. Navigate to Letgo’s official site and log in.
  2. Click on your Profile icon at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click on My Profile from the list of options.How to Delete Letgo Account - Full Guide 1
  4. Click on the settings icon.How to Delete Letgo Account - Full Guide 2
  5. You will land on a page with two tabs namely “Profile” and “Your data“. Click on “Your data.”How to Delete Letgo Account - Full Guide 3
  6. Select “Delete Account” from the list of options.How to Delete Letgo Account - Full Guide 4
  7. You will get a notification stating, “Deleting Letgo account will delete all your Letgo information.” Click on “Delete account.”How to Delete Letgo Account - Full Guide 5
  8. In the confirmation pop-up, click on “Yes, delete my account.”How to Delete Letgo Account - Full Guide 6
  9. It will notify you that your account is marked for deletion.
  10. Once you delete your account, the account will be inactive in 48 hours, and all your Letgo information is deleted within 30 days.How to Delete Letgo Account - Full Guide 7

How to delete Letgo Account via E-mail to Letgo Support?

The easiest way to delete your Letgo account is by deleting it via logging into Letgo’s official site from your web browser. However, you could also delete your account by sending an e-mail to the Letgo support team. Follow the below steps to delete your Letgo Account via E-mail:

  1. You will need to compose an email and make it out to [email protected]
  3. In the body section of the email, write about why you want to delete your account and request for deletion. I have given a sample template below.

Sample email Template

Hi Letgo Team,

I am a registered user of Letgo with the name John C and the email id linked with this account is [email protected] I no longer need this account at the moment due to personal reasons. I request you to delete my account and also would like to stop receiving communication/advertisement mails.

I hope you understand my concern and will do the needful as soon as possible. You can contact me on my email id or phone number (mention your phone number and email-id here).


(Your name)


Why is my Letgo Account under review?

Your Letgo account could be under review for any of the below reasons:
1. You may have gone against one or a few of the Letgo Guidelines. Letgo has a set of guidelines that you need to abide by while using the app. If not followed, your profile could be sent for a review.
2. Someone might have reported you as a scammer. Ensure that you do not scam any user on Letgo. If they report you, your profile could be reviewed by Letgo.
3. It could be just a technical error that your profile is under review.
There is nothing to worry about if you have been a genuine user of Letgo. Your profile will be active in no time.

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