How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing network in the world and an excellent place for you to upload videos to share them with everyone. As a bonus, youtube is owned and managed by Google, so your uploaded videos will also appear in the Google search console.

In the article, you will find the answer to your question, “How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube?”

Luckily, we have the option to make our uploaded videos either private or public. The private video will only be visible to us, whereas the videos that are made public will be out there for the whole world to see.

Once you upload a video on YouTube, you can find it on YouTube studio. Only you can access YouTube Studio. Here you will see all the videos that were uploaded by you, including the uploaded unlisted videos on youtube. You will have an option to view, edit, change privacy settings, or take down your video.

Another way you can view your uploaded video is by searching for it in the YouTube search bar. If you search for the exact title of the uploaded video along with the channel name, you will see the video appear in the search results. You can only view the video and will be able to edit it.

Let’s explore the two options mentioned above to find your uploaded videos on YouTube.

2 Ways for “How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube?”

Above I mentioned two ways by which we can see the uploaded videos. We will look into each of these two ways along with the detailed steps to help you quickly find your uploaded YouTube videos.

How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube via YouTube Studio – Easy 6 steps

Follow the below steps to view your uploaded video ( The steps below are to view the uploaded YouTube videos via any web browser )

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Click on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Click on YouTube Studio.

How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily

Step 4: Click on Videos.

How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily-1

Step 5: You will be able to see a list of all your uploaded videos as shown in the image below.

How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily-2

Step 6: You can now hover over any of the videos and choose to edit it, delete it or check its analytics. You also have an option to see how the video would look like on youTube when others are viewing it.

How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily-3

If you are asking yourself this question, “How to find all my Videos I uploaded on youtube via my phone?” To access YouTube Studio from your mobile phone, you will need to download the YouTube Studio App. The app is available both on Google Playstore and the iOS app store.

How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily-4

Once you have downloaded the App, it often automatically signs in provided you already have signed in to YouTube on your Phone. In case it doesn’t sign in, then enter your credentials to log in to YouTube Studio. You will now be able to see all if you uploaded videos along with their analytics.

How to Find my Uploaded Videos on YouTube via YouTube search

I often wonder How to find my uploaded videos on YouTube? I don’t mean how to find it on YouTube studio but on YouTube itself. I used to upload videos to YouTube, thinking that the minute I enter the title of my video in the search bar, it would pop up as the first result.

It’s much later that I realized that this is not the case. Once you have uploaded your video, the Google search engine will analyze it, and only if your content is unique and fair enough, your video would slowly rise in the search results.

It may take a couple of days, even months, for your video to appear at the top of the search result. Sometimes it may not appear at all. To get your video ranked, read more on Tactics for gaining top results on YouTube.

Once your video ranks, you will be able to see it at the top of the search results; else, it would be at the bottom somewhere. Another way you can see your video is by searching for the exact title followed by the name of your channel. If you search it this way, your video would likely come right on top.


How to find my uploaded unlisted videos on youtube?

All videos uploaded on YouTube are often listed. The only thing to note here is that the videos are probably listed at the end of the search results.
To search for the uploaded video, you will have to navigate to the YouTube studio. The steps to navigate to the YouTube studio and see the list of uploaded videos are mentioned in the article above.

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