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Launch IOS simulator for mac without Xcode

Launch IOS simulator for mac without Xcode

Many a time, you would be developing an IOS app without Xcode. It generally happens with a hybrid app where the app is developed using React Native or Flutter, where you need to write code in VS code Editor and…

How to change BSNL WiFi Password- Complete Guide

change BSNL broadband wifi password

BSNL broadband wifi is an Indian wireline Broadband operator operated by BSNL service. It’s one of the oldest service providers in India. There could be a scenario where you have just purchased a new broadband connection or have an existing…

How to block someone on PayPal?

How to block someone on PayPal block

Paypal is a trusted software platform that supports online money transfers allowing to send and receive money to anyone across the world. Do you wonder if it is possible to block a user on PayPal and if so then How…

How to Cancel Hotstar Subscription

How to Cancel Hotstar Subscription

Hoststar comes with a ton of collections of movies and TV Series. The one thing that sets Hotstar apart from its competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime is that you can watch a bunch of movies for free, absolutely free!.…

How to connect FileZilla to AWS EC2

A stack of thick folders on a white surface

Once your AWS instance is created we need a way to access those EC2 files. We can use any FTP software out there, but here we will using FileZilla, its more than sufficient to serve my purpose. Before we proceed…